The North East Radio Controlled Helicopter Club (NERCHC)


The NERCHC was established in 1984 and has been running ever since. Based in
Washington Tyne & Wear our flying site was located on land near
Pattinson road, this was the site for over 28 years of flying.


Unfortunately the club lost access to the site when it was purchased for development in 2005. Our club continued to run without an official flying site for few years, members flew at other club sites and various unofficial sites while we located as suitable flying site.


Thankfully we located a site via the local council although they are time restrictions on
flying at the new site, members are regularly attending the site for a good days flying.


The current site has been officially licensed to the club by Sunderland City Council, we have been using the site of over three years now and it is becoming more popular with members year on year.