In this section of our web site you can find photos of culb members models, they may also be photos of models that have caught our eye while visiting other club's and fly-ins. Enjoy...please feel free to contact us for more information regarding any models you see here.

Incident Blog

The Airwolf project had taken 3yrs to get to the stage of completion as it is a 500 size model all scale detail was made by hand. Airwolf had been flying very well for the past year until an error while programing a new model accidently erased the set up from the transmitter. 4 hour spent setting up the Airwolf again and it was back to its good old self. The first test flight at the club field went very well everything was back to normal. Unfortunately during the second test flight I lost orientation and the helicopter fell sideways out of the sky I manage to recover into forward flight but unfortunately ran out of height. The result was a nose in crash.