This section of the site contains the membership cost for the BMFA and our club fees.

BMFA Membership fees 2021


Senior - £38
Junior - £17
Family Senior - £38
Family Partner - £25 
Family Junior - £13

NERCHC Membership fees 2021

Our Club fees for 2021 are £17, For example if you join our club and you are not a member of the BMFA the typical cost for a years membership will be £55.


Remember that you will need to renew or complete the CAA registration if you have not done so already. 


You need to display your operator ID on your Model if it is over 250g


So look at the BMFA membership fees for 2021, see which section you fall in to ,Seniors, Juniors or Family and then add £17 club fees.


Membership Renewals for 2021 will be available from 9am on Tuesday 1st December, members who obtained CAA registration through the BMFA will also be able to renew CAA registration at the same time, the CAA Registration renewal will start on the date your current CAA registration expires and run for 12 months from that date