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We are pleased to announce that arrangements to hold  the 2017 BMFA Nationals at RAF Barkston Heath have been confirmed. The Power Nationals will take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend (26-28 August).

The construction work which rendered the airfield unavailable to us last August for the 2016 Power Nationals has now been completed and the RAF have re-affirmed their long established and ongoing commitment to support our two Nationals wherever possible, subject to operational requirements.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Commandant of RAFC Cranwell and his team for their assistance and cooperation in facilitating our continued use of RAF Barkston Heath for 2017. Further details will be made available in the BMFA NEWS and on the BMFA website in due course



3D flight at the Raby Event 

NERCHC attended the Raby Gala on the 2nd of July 2016 Air Ambulance will be attending the Raby Familly day out

NERCHC visit the Red Lodge 2015 scale fly-in 14/06/15

Club Merchandise

Club merchandise now available for more details on how to get yours go to club merchandise in the sub menu on the left had side.

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